Docs By The Sea is the only international forum that focuses on creating a supportive ecosystem for documentary films in Southeast Asia. Initiated with Bekraf, Docs By The Sea is organized by In-Docs, a non-profit organization committed to foster an open society through documentary films. Attended by Filmmakers, Mentors and Decision Makers in the industry, it becomes a place where international industry members can build relationships and collaborations that can elevate genuine and creative storytelling from Southeast Asia. Through this forum, documentary projects in Southeast Asia can obtain international co-productions, broadcast commissions, acquisitions, cash funding, distribution, festival selections, and opportunities to pitch at other international forums. Check out our past editions of Docs By The Sea to know more about the program.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, we have decided to conduct the program virtually on 13 to 28 August 2020. Our Docs By The Sea Storytelling and Editing Lab will be held simultaneously from 13 to 24 August while the Pitching Forum will be conducted from 26 to 28 August 2020 . Additionally, Decision Makers will be given the opportunity to meet with the filmmakers on the one-on-one meeting session to discuss further about the project during the pitching forum.

In addition to the Lab and Pitching Forum, Docs By The Sea will also be conducting virtual Webinars that are open to the public.

Public Webinar

Co-Production with South Korea - Register here
Friday, 14 August 2020 - 13:00—14:30

In the past decade, South Korea has risen globally as prime producers and market for films and television. With the Oscar victories of Parasite, South Korea has placed itself at the center of the international market. This success can be attributed to comprehensive cultural strategies that are implemented by the whole nation. In the documentary side, South Korea has grown some producers who have taken a global stage with films like Planet of Snail, My Love, Don’t Cross That River, and recently In the Absence who was nominated for the Oscar for Short Documentary category.

It is very encouraging that notable documentary producers from South Korea have begun collaborating with Asian filmmakers as a co-producer. What does co-production with South Korea look like? What kinds of funding can South Korean producers unlock when they are co-producing Asian documentaries? What are recent productions that can open imaginations and more ways of collaborations?

Join this webinar to listen and discuss with Heejung Oh, a South Korean producer who recently co-produced a documentary film with an Indian filmmaker, and Ellie Jo, the Executive Producer of DMZ Industry, an international documentary forum and film festival.

Documentary Storytelling in the New World - Register here
Friday, 14 August 2020 - 20:00—21:30

COVID-19 requires us to work differently and find different pathways for our stories to be made and to reach the audience. This panel is intended to open the imagination of filmmakers so they can take their stories to different dimensions and art forms.

Tamara Shogaolu is an Amsterdam-based artist. She mixing and infusing documentary stories with archival materials, animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and other magic that takes the audience through different ways inside the story. Find out how Tamara discovered the arts and the ecosystem of these exciting new ways to tell non-fiction stories.

Audible is an Amazon’s company that is unleashing the power of the spoken words. In the time of COVID-19 (but also way after it is finished), audiobooks and audio documentaries can emerge as ways for people to obtain entertainment, information, and inspiration. Find out how Audible works with creators and elevate their works.

Documentary Collaborations in Taiwan - Register here
Tuesday, 18 August 2020 - 13:00—14:30

Stefano Centini is a Taiwan-based producer who is originally from Italy. He has established a long-term collaboration with Lau Kek-Huat, a Malaysian born filmmaker who is also based in Taiwan. Fan Wu is a Taiwanese producer/director who founded Svemirko Film Productions together with Venice Atienza from the Philippines. They both are creators of Last Days at Sea.

Both Stefano and Fan Wu are sharing how they establish and maintain cross-cultural film production and how they make their journey enriching and meaningful. Join this lively panel and discuss what you think about cross-cultural collaborations.

Co-Production with Japan - Register here
Wednesday, 19 August 2020 - 13:00—14:30

Japan is one of Asia’s biggest funders for non-fiction storytelling. Its enormous public broadcasting company NHK collaborated with productions and other broadcasters across the globe to provide Japanese audience with various stories that can enable them to understand the world they live in and beyond. Information, knowledge and soft diplomacy are the tools that Japan use to maintain its comparative advantages against other Asian giants.

Collaborations with Japan have significantly advanced many Asian documentary films. Sunday Cinderella (the Philippines), Rising From Silence (Indonesia), A Man with 12 Wives (Indonesia), and many other titles create stepping stones with a collaboration with Japan to reach more ambitious artistic goals.

Join a panel of key Japanese experts from TokyoDocs industry members that will talk about different opportunities and platforms you can participate in order to unlock funding and distribution from Japan.

Co-Production with France - Register here
Wednesday, 19 August 2020 - 20:00—21:30

France is a country with the densest cinema per capita. As a country of cinema lovers and cinema makers, France has a very strong infrastructure that equips French producers to create films, to co-produce films, and to exhibit films from all over the world.

In this very special panel, Docmonde; the organizer of a documentary writing residency program Asiadoc; is presenting a talk with French producers that have collaborated with Southeast Asian filmmakers and are successful in delivering successful films directed by Southeast Asian directors. Join Co-Production with France to find out how the collaboration has been carried out and how to find a French co-producer and how to maintain a great working relationship in the co-production ecosystem.

Become an observer in our Pitching Forum!

Our first day of Docs By The Sea Pitching Forum on Wednesday 26th August 2020 from 19:30 - 23:00 UTC+7 will be open to public. Join us for a rare opportunity to observe filmmakers pitch in an international pitching forum!
Register here


Storytelling Lab
Documentary development can be arduous but exciting. The Storytelling Lab at Docs By The Sea assists selected projects in telling the most compelling story, perfecting their pitch and discovering the hidden potentials to unlock funding and distribution.

Editing Lab
Selected projects who attend the Editing Lab at Docs By The Sea obtain in-depth consultancy and maximum boost from world-class editors and dramaturgists.

Fresh Wave
A program intended to expand the visibility of documentary films that have attended Docs By The Sea as well as documentary films that we believe the world should see. We are proud to have selected 8 Completed Documentary films from our alumnis that speaks on important issues.


The project submissions were open from 7 January - 9 May 2020. Listed below are the selected projects which will participate in Docs ByThe Sea Lab and Pitching Forum 2020. Congratulations to all the selected participants!


  1. A Distant Call | Indonesia
    Andrea Suwito (Director, Producer), Finbar Somers (Producer, Cinematographer)

  2. A Dying Busines | Philippines
    Chona M. (Director)

  3. A Memoir | Myanmar
    Min Min Hein (Director, Producer)

  4. Aluk | Indonesia
    Wahyu Al-Mardhani (Director, Editor), Chris Cochrane-Friedrich (Director), Sam Hewison (Producer)

  5. Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava | Vietnam
    Quang Nong (Director), Trang Dao (Producer)

  6. Breaking the Cycle | Thailand
    Aekaphong Saransate (Director), Thanakrit Duangmaneeporn (Director), Noorahaya Lahtee (Producer)

  7. Buried Dead Mountain | Thailand
    Primrin Puarat (Director), Pom Bunsermvicha (Producer), Onarisa Sapsompong (Assistant Producer, Assistant researcher), Tanwarat Sombatwattana (Assistant Director, Assistant Producer)

  8. Bantay Bukid (Forest Guards) | Philippines
    Pia Duran (Director, Writer), Gladys Llanes (Producer), Princess Taroza (Cinematographer), Timothy John Biasong (Editor)

  9. Permanent | Indonesia
    Adlino Dananjaya (Director), Damar Ardi (Producer), Bunga Ineza (Co-Producer) Anindhita Bunga Ayodhya (Co-Producer)

  10. Some Women | Singapore
    Zi Qi Low (Producer), Quenyee Wong (Director, Writer), Wan Ping Looi (Cinematographer, Editor), Glen Goei (Executive Producer)

  11. The Altar Boys | Philippines/Vatican/USA
    Bryan Kristoffer Brazil (Director), Lea Paz Torre (Producer), Antonio Lou Chua (Producer)

  12. The Ballad of Clove Village | Indonesia
    Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni (Director), Amerta Kusuma (Producer)

  13. The Journey to the East | Indonesia
    Marjito Iskandar Tri Gunawan (Director), Ali Minanto (Producer)

  14. The Last Sea Nomads | Malaysia
    Kok Rui Lau (Director), Hing Weng Eric Tsang (Producer)

  15. The Social Media | Myanmar
    Tin Win Naing (Director, Cinematographer), Soe Arkar Htun (Producer)

  16. The Tongue Of Water | Cambodia
    Polen Ly (Director), Lucas Sénécaut (Producer)

  17. The Treasure of Sumatra | Indonesia
    Dennis Angga Hermawan (Director), Amerta Kusuma (Producer)

  18. Voice of Baceprot | Indonesia
    Yulia Evina Bhara (Producer), Yosep Anggi Noen (Director)

  19. Voyage to the Past | Indonesia
    Patar Simatupang (Director, Producer), Endro Aji Purnomo (Cinematographer), Iwan Bax (Editor)


  1. 206 Unearthed | South Korea/Thailand
    Chulnyung Heo (Director), Sona Jo (Producer), Pailin Wedel (Co-Producer)

  2. Al Awda (The Return) | Singapore
    Jason Soo (Director)

  3. First Cuts Are the Deepest | Thailand
    Sopawan Boonnimitra (Director), Peerachai Kerdsint (Director), Primrin Puarat (Producer), John Badalu (Producer)

  4. Hours of Ours | Thailand
    Komtouch Napattaloong (Director), Aekaphong Saransate (Editor), Noorahaya Lahtee (Producer)

  5. Love, Hate, and Reason |Indonesia
    Yogi Fuad (Editor), David Darmadi (Cinematographer), Patar Simatupang (Director)

  6. Planet of Love | Indonesia
    Ika Wulandari (Director), Greg Arya (Editor), Tonny Trimarsanto (Producer)

  7. Soeboertono Mote | Indonesia
    Rendy Rizal (Producer), Yonri Revolt (Director)

  8. Soundtrack of the Bare Life | Singapore
    Eric Lee (Director, Editor)

  9. The Flame | Indonesia
    Gita Fara (Producer), Arfan Sabran (Director), Aline Jusria (Editor)

  10. Wiretapping My Grandparents | Philippines
    Juliàn Miguel Hernandez (Director, Cinematographer), Alyssa Suico (Producer), Che Tagyamon (Editor)


  1. Dreaming in the Red Light | Philippines
    Pabelle Manikan (Director, Cinematographer, Editor), Wena Sanchez (Producer)

  2. Elehiya sa Paglimot | Philippines
    Kristoffer Brugada (Director, Producer) Charena Escala (Producer, Editor)

  3. For Me And Others Like Me | Myanmar
    Sein Lyan Tun (Director)

  4. Help Is On The Way | Indonesia
    Ismail Lubis (Director), Nick Calpakdjian (Producer)

  5. A House in Pieces |Philippines
    Jean Claire Dy (Director, Producer), Manuel Domes (Director, Producer)

  6. Sculpting The Giant | Indonesia
    Rheza Arden Wiguna (Director), Maulana Aziz (Producer), Banu Wirandoko (Director)

  7. The Silhouettes | Iran, Philippines
    Afsaneh Salari (Director), Jewel Maranan (Producer)

  8. Unteachable | Singapore
    Shuling Yong (Director, ) Lisa Teh (Producer)

Docs By The Sea is an international forum that focuses on creating a supportive ecosystem for documentary films in Southeast Asia. It is organized by In-Docs, a non-profit organization committed to foster an open society through documentary films.

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