Selected Projects
A Dying Business
Chona M (Philippines)
206 Unearthed
Chulnyung Heo (South Korea/Thailand)
A Distant Call
Andrea Suwito (Indonesia)
A House in Pieces
Jean Claire Dy (Philippines)
A Memoir
Min Min Hein (Myanmar)
Al Awda (The Return)
Jason Soo (Singapore)
Wahyu Al-Mardhani (Indonesia)
Baby Jackfruit Baby Guava
Quang Nong (Vietnam)
Bantay Bukid (Forest Guards)
Pia Duran (Philippines)
Breaking the Cycle
Aekaphong Saransate (Thailand)
Buried Dead Mountain
Primrin Puarat (Thailand)
Dreaming in the Red Light
Pabelle Manikan (Philippines)
Elehiya sa Paglimot
Kristoffer Brugada (Philippines)
First Cuts Are the Deepest
Sopawan Boonnimitra (Thailand)
For Me And Others Like Me
Sein Lyan Tun (Myanmar)
Help Is On The Way
Ismail Lubis (Indonesia)
Hours of Ours
Komtouch Napattaloong (Thailand)
Love, Hate, and Reason (Antara Cinta dan Benci)
Patar Simatupang (Indonesia)
Permanent (Permanen)
Adlino Dananjaya (Indonesia)
Planet of Love
Ika Wulandari (Indonesia)
Sculpting The Giant
Rheza Arden Wiguna (Indonesia)
Soeboertono Mote
Yonri Revolt (Indonesia)
Some Women
Quenyee Wong (Singapore)
Soundtrack of the Bare Life
Eric Lee (Singapore)
The Altar Boys
Bryan Kristoffer Brazil (Philippines)
The Ballad of Clove Village
Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni (Indonesia)
The Flame
Arfan Sabran (Indonesia)
The Journey to the East
Marjito Iskandar Tri Gunawan (Indonesia)
The Last Sea Nomads
Kok Rui Lau (Malaysia)
The Silhouettes
Afsaneh Salari (Iran, Philippines)
The Social Media
Tin Win Naing (Myanmar)
The Tongue Of Water (អណ្តាតទឹក)
Polen Ly (Cambodia)
The Treasure of Sumatra
Dennis Angga Hermawan (Indonesia)
Shuling Yong (Singapore)
Voice of Baceprot
Yosep Anggi Noen (Indonesia)
Voyage to the Past (Sebuah Perjalanan Panjang)
Patar Simatupang (Indonesia)
Wiretapping My Grandparents
Juliàn Miguel Hernandez (Philippines)