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Hata Takeshi
Editor, Producer
Born 1973 in Tokyo, Hata began directing and editing TV programs and film trailers professionally during his university years. Going freelance in 1999, his main work is film editor for theatrical documentaries and trailers. His filmography includes films by Sato Makoto such as "Hanako" (2001), "Memories of Agano" (2004), and "Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said" (2005); "Power and Terror" (2002) by John Junkerman; "Chokora!"(2008), "Dryads in a Snow Valley" (2015) by Kobayashi Shigeru; "Trace of Breath" (2017) by Komori Haruka; "Sennan Asbestos Disaster" (2017) by Hara Kazuo; "Of Love and Law" (2017) by Toda Hikaru.