Applications to the third edition of Docs By The Sea International Documentary Forum are now open!
Docs By The Sea is the only international forum that focuses on creating a supportive ecosystem for documentary films in Southeast Asia. Initiated with Bekraf, Docs By The Sea is organized by In-Docs, a non-profit organization committed to foster an open society through documentary films.

It is a rare intimate gathering of documentary filmmakers and international industry members who are looking to build understanding and collaborations that can elevate genuine and creative storytelling from Southeast Asia. Through this forum, documentary projects in Southeast Asia can obtain international co-productions, broadcast commissions, acquisitions, cash funding, distribution, festival selections, and opportunities to pitch at other international forums. Check out our past editions of Docs By The Sea to know more about the program.


Call for Entry: 7 January - 9 May 2020 (Extended)
Selected Projects Announcement: End of June 2020
Docs By The Sea Lab 21 - 24 August 2020
Docs By The Sea Pitching Forum 26 - 28 August 2020


Storytelling Lab
Documentary development can be arduous but exciting. The Storytelling Lab at Docs By The Sea assists selected projects in telling the most compelling story, perfecting their pitch and discovering the hidden potentials to unlock funding and distribution.

Editing Lab
Selected projects who attend the Editing Lab at Docs By The Sea obtain in-depth consultancy and maximum boost from world-class editors and dramaturgists. Selected projects may be eligible to travel and accommodation stipend from Docs By The Sea 2020.


Eligible projects must meet the following criteria:
  1. The project submitted must be produced or directed by Southeast Asian filmmaker(s), who will be the attending participant(s) of Docs By The Sea 2020. Upon selection, filmmakers have to provide a passport as proof of Southeast Asian citizenship
    1. For Storytelling Lab, the director must be the attending participant(s) of the lab. Selected projects can be in development/research up to the rough cut stage.
    2. For Editing Lab, the director of the editor must be the attending participant(s) of the lab. Editing Lab applicant is obliged to provide a rough cut. Rough cut should show the story structure and resemble the vision of the director
  2. Project(s) that have participated in previous editions of Docs By The Sea program(s) may participate again.
    1. Storytelling Lab participant(s) in the previous edition of Docs By The Sea Lab & Pitching Forum is only eligible for Editing Lab in Docs By The Sea Lab & Pitching Forum 2020;
    2. Editing Lab participant(s) in the previous edition of Docs By The Sea Lab & Pitching Forum is not eligible to apply in Docs By The Sea Lab & Pitching Forum 2020;
    3. Docs By The Sea Incubator 2019 participants of any labs may participate again in any labs of Docs By The Sea Lab & Pitching Forum 2020.
  3. All labs will be conducted in English. Docs By The Sea 2020 does not provide an individual translator for non-English speaking participants. Projects with non-English speaking members who wish to attend Docs By The Sea 2020 have to secure a translator on their own cost


The project submission is open from 6 January - 5 April 2020 through digital form submission(s). The submission form must be filled out in English. All supporting audiovisual materials (e.g trailer, excerpt, or rough cut) have to be subtitled in English. Captions or descriptions for still images or excerpts are encouraged, but optional. Below are the details of each information you need to submit in the form.
  1. Applicant Information
    The applicant will be the main contact person for the project. We will contact you mainly via email. Please kindly clear our email ( from the spam filter.
  2. Lab Choice
    Storytelling Lab or Editing Lab. Choosing the Editing Lab will make the rough cut field required to fill.
  3. Previous Participation
    Please state if your project has been selected to one of In-Docs' previous programs and write the name of the program.
Project Information
  1. Project Title
    In English (for the international title) and in the language you use (please write it in romanized version).
  2. Main Country of Production
  3. Expected Length of the Film
    In minutes.
  4. Expected Time of Completion
    The month and the year, e.g. January 2020.
  5. Production Stage
    Please choose one of the following: (1) Development/Research, (2) Start Production, (3) In Production, (4) Rough Cut, (5) Post Production.
  6. Financial Details
    The total budget of your project, financing in place, and requested contribution for your project in USD.
  7. Supporting Materials
    For the still images or lookbooks, please archive and upload them in one (1) ZIP or RAR. Please provide the audiovisual materials (trailer, excerpts, preview, etc) in link to Google Drive, Vimeo, etc along with the password if there is any. A rough cut is obligatory for applicants of the Editing Lab. Please make sure the link will remain accessible to Docs By The Sea 2020 Selection Committee before the selected projects announcement is made.
  8. Logline
    Max. 30 words.
  9. Synopsis
    Max. 250 words.
  10. Project Description
    Consisting of director's statement, producer's statement, project background, story outline, artistic approach, access secured, or any other information that you may think is necessary to describe your project fully in max. 1000 words.
  11. Filmmaker(s), and Production House/Company Information
    You are able to write down up to four (4) filmmakers. If there are more filmmakers, please send us an email to


We will send the selected participants a confirmation email in mid-June. If Docs By The Sea Committee doesn't receive any reply from the selected participant(s), the slot for Docs By The Sea participation will be revoked and given to another applicant. Public announcement of the selected projects will be made in the last week of June.