Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Flame
Arfan Sabran
Ishak Iskandar
Director of Photography
Production Status
In Production
Date of Completion
December 2018
90 minutes
Participating Lab
USD 500
USD 43,000
Production Company
The Flame
Every year, hectares of Borneo forest catches fire that pollutes the whole region. A 75-year-old grandfather Iber Djamal has been fighting to save his land from a palm oil company invasion and to stop the fire. Now his family thinks he is too old to fight.

In 1996, Iber Djamal is one of Borneo’s indigenous people whose land was affected by the Mega Rice Project (MRP) initiated by Suharto regime. Ever since this enormous development project turned one million hectares of rainforest and indigenous land in Borneo into paddy fields, forest fire occurs every year, affecting not only the people in Borneo, but also neighboring countries of Malaysia and Singapore.

Two decades after the MRP, Iber Djamal has organized his community to replant the forest—one tree at a time—as part of a strategic resistance to stop the encroachment of palm oil plantation that is threatening the forest and their land.

However, as he grows old, his daughter and grandson oppose his activities as they put his life at a great risk. Will they be able to stop the flame in his heart to save the forest and his livelihood?