Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Love Behind The Conflict
Hnin Ei Hlaing
Ulla Lehmann
Shin Daewe
Production Status
Start Production
Date of Completion
August 2019
80 mins & 52 mins
Total Budget
USD 234,545
Financing In Place
USD 4,588
Requested Contribution
USD 103,223
Production Company
Love Behind The Conflict
Myanmar's democratic transition from a former military dictatorship is widely hailed, yet still fragile. The biggest threat to it’s success is the ethnic conflict between Buddhists and Muslims.

Violence erupted in 2012. About 140.000 people have been displaced or fled the country, some of them in life-threatening ways. The 3 million inhabitants of Rakhine State are governed by the military again. Surrounded by chronic poverty, hate speech and inflammatory propaganda, two women from different ethnic and religious backgrounds try to swim against the current.

Hla Sein Nu is a Buddhist Rakhine who chose a life as a midwife in the Rohingya Muslim majority village of Paung Toke. She is assisted by Nyo Nyo, a Muslim Rohingya, who is learning the profession of midwife. Against the will of Buddhist groups Hla Sein Nu improvised a medical clinic to improve the lives of the patients – the only health facility in the region of Paung Toke and the backdrop of an everyday struggle against division and prejudice. In the film we follow the two midwives in their everyday lives being the only medical help accessible to the Muslim community. Childbirths and medical visits structure their everyday life routine.

Can they go on working like this? How do they cope with the circumstances and keep their positive attitude? Will the conflict make their mission impossible?