Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right It Wasn't An Accident
Soe Moe Aung
Thu Thu Shein
Production Status
Development/Research - Start Production
Date of Completion
March 2018
90 mins
Total Budget
USD 51,465
Financing In Place
USD 15,230
Requested Contribution
USD 5,000
Production Company
Third Floor Film Production
It Wasn't An Accident
The incident took place when he was assigned as a platoon commander in Kachin state. One day, he was ordered to do recon in a village in Kout Kywayt Chaung Phyar region. When they arrived at the village, they found a group of armed people at a house beside the creek. At the time, Lt. Aung Win signaled his men for a surprise attack. After the fight, 4 KIA (Kachin Independent Army) soldiers were killed and an officer escaped. When Lt. Aung Win and group entered the house, they found a dying woman holding a crying infant. Knowing that they couldn’t stay long in KIA territory, they gave some medication to the woman and quickly left the area. That night he couldn’t stop thinking about the child he left. The next day he took his men and went back to the house. He found the child beside the cold dead body of the mother. The child was turning blue from crying. Lt. Aung Win fed the child with condensed milk and brought the child back. He reported to the battalion and sent the child to the hospital.The film is about finding that child.