Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Intuition
Shu Ling Yong
Lisa Teh
Production Status
Date of Completion
28 February 2018
75 mins
Total Budget
USD 349,100
Financing In Place
USD 268,800
Requested Contribution
USD 80,300
Production Company
Media For Social Change
Meixi Ng, a young educator who grew up in a country where grades often define self-worth, is determined to transform learning in classrooms.

Convinced that the best way to master a subject is to take ownership of both learning and teaching, Meixi introduces TutorĂ­a (Tutorial Relationships) to Singapore classrooms. A concept from Mexico, TutorĂ­a redefines everything students and teachers think they know about learning.

How will this change impact the lives of marginalized students, their teachers, and beyond? Gain a rare insight into the lives of teenagers whose stories we seldom see. Let Intuition show us the heart of learning.