Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Audio Perpetua
Universe Baldoza
Silver Dan Belen
Production Status
Date of Completion
September 2018
90 mins
Total Budget
USD 82,500
Financing In Place
USD 25,000
Requested Contribution
USD 30,000
Production Company
Giant Atis Films
Audio Perpetua
We hear the sound of endless typing and the voices soon come, random confessions that bear witness to events set in America. We see Gemar typing on his laptop, eagerly listening to these voices. Perceptive and tenacious, he hopes to get a job in the tech industry, while he also dreams of making it as a DJ in the club circuit. But dreams don't come easy particularly if you're visually-impaired.

At the blind center, we find Katchry having an argument with his teacher. She sticks to her guns and insists she will be presenting the history of the French Opera in her finals. Carol, the blind teacher is determined to keep everybody busy with technology. In Carol's class sits Chandi, she is listening to the lesson while putting on mascara. She just had an operation on a tumor sitting on her optic nerve. Still, she doesn’t feel despondent; she’s doing training for HTML coding.

Gemar goes about dating. But unlike his peers who have found love, nothing seems to pan out for him. He remains heartbroken as the girl he cares for refuses to return his messages on Facebook. Gemar soon finds himself alone.

Near the end of the film, the darkness may be exasperating for the blind, but they are determined not to give in, most feel they have so much to live for.

Audio Perpetua delves into the lives of the new archivists of American memories- blind audio transcriptionists who get to hear a slice of everyday life in the US.