Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Turning 18
Ho Chao-ti
Liao Ching-Song
Production Status
Rough Cut Stage
Date of Completion
31 December 2017
90/ 60 mins
Total Budget
USD 200,000
Financing In Place
USD 130,000
Requested Contribution
USD 70,000
Production Company
Conjunction Films
Turning 18
In Chinese culture, home is a place to which one can always go back. It is a sanctuary for most people.

However, Hui-Chen is facing a very different situation. Living in poverty indigenous family, Hui-Chen is more like a mother to her seven younger siblings. Her mother is an alcoholic, and that puts enormous pressure on Hui-Chen.

Hui-Chen's life takes a different turn when she becomes 15 years old. She meets a group of young people of her age, and their similar backgrounds quickly bond them together. She is happy with her new friends including Pei-Yi. Pei-Yi left home at a young age, and since then she has been seeking a home from her romantic relationship.

Hui-Chen is then offered internships in a funeral parlour and a B&B. Just as everything seems to be going well for her, she is once again put to the test. Her uncles who repeatedly sexually assaulted her when she was little has come back to the family. In order to protect her, Hui-Chen is placed in a care home. The separation from her family makes her miss her mother very much and underlines their love-hate relationship.

Several months later, Pei-Yi asks her boyfriend to marry her.

Hui-Chen leaves the care home one year later, on the way home, she is in pain because her parents has been hurt her for years. Her face looks as mature as an adult. On the other hand, Pei-Yi is pregnant and she wonders if she wants to keep the baby.

It's a story about two girls dreaming of sweet home. Will their dream ever come true?