Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Silhouettes
Afsaneh Salari
Jewel Maranan
Production Status
Date of Completion
30 August 2018
70 mins
Total Budget
USD 94,500
Financing In Place
USD 12,000
Requested Contribution
USD 20,000
Production Company
Cinema Is Incomplete, Docmaniacs Collective
The Silhouettes
TAGHI, an engineering student in Iran is finishing his studies. A dedicated intellectual, he has registered invention records and is recognised as one of the elites in his circle. At first glance, he is a young man facing a promising future.

However, Taghi is also a young man who carries the burden of a history older than him. Back in 1982, the war had gone full scale between Afghanistan and USSR. Newly married Asad and Sharbanoo Safari joined 1.5 million others in an exodus to Iran.

For Asad and Sharbanoo, Taghi is lucky to be born in Iran and never to have experienced war. For Taghi, however, having come of age and reason, safety is no trade-off for freedom. As a second generation refugee, Taghi refuses to inherit the limits his parents experienced.

Taghi crafts a plan. He will go back to Afghanistan and help rebuild his motherland. Taghi’s daring inspires his younger sister Zahra who now seeks to enter medical school. The gentle family is slowly burdened as its youngest son and daughter seek to break away from tradition and craft a future of their own—away from the country they grew up in, towards a war-torn homeland they hardly know.

This film takes us to the meeting of a sublime tragedy happening in a house – where the walls of a secure home built by parents are not high enough for the next generation’s dreams. Their story is the story of the bright youth in the middle east who carry fires in their hands, in search of candles to light against harsh winds.