Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right A Good Business
Hark Joon-lee
Emi Iizuka
Tak Young-hwan
Li Do-ang
Production Status
Date of Completion
01 August 2018
90 mins
Total Budget
USD 340,000
Financing In Place
USD 260,000
Requested Contribution
USD 80,000
Production Company
A Good Business
Pastor Kim, Sung-eun is a famous North Korean human rights activist. He has gained an international reputation for rescuing more than 1,000 NK defectors. As "the North Korean Orphan Welfare Act" passed in the United States in 2013, he had a new dream. It became his first goal to rescue North Korean orphan and adopt them to American families. If he succeeds, he will receive domestic and foreign human rights funding. It will also give his name to the media and finally earn wealth and honor together. However, the process of rescuing North Korean orphan is not easy. Many North Korean brokers were exchanged. Among them, one was kidnapped to North Korea, and the other was killed by North Korean police. When he almost give up his plan, he listens to the amazing news. Two sisters who escaped North Korea arrived in China. Pastor Kim tries to rescue North Korean orphan with veteran NK brokers for his lifetime adventure.