Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right Love and Life in a Downfall
Tonny Trimarsanto
John Badalu
Mandy Marahimin
Production Status
Development / Research
Date of Completion
Dec 2018
90 - 120 mins
Total Budget
USD 116,679
Financing In Place
USD 9,523
Requested Contribution
USD 107,156
Production Company
Tanakhir Films
Love and Life in a Downfall
In a small remote island of Sumba, one man, MD Raya, has 12 wives, 52 children, and 218 grandchildren. The big family has many problems. One of it is their descent into poverty, which is caused by MD Raya’s retirement as chief of village, a title he held for 35 years.

Another problem MD Raya has is none of his childrens have an employable skill nor a degree from a university, something MD Raya thinks will help with the family’s economy. All except one, Adi.

Adi is MD Raya’s first son from his 12th wife. He received great support from his father and mother to finish his studies. Adi is graduating with a degree in law from a university. Adi realizes the burden of hope the family puts on his shoulders. He wants to go to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, unlike his brothers and sisters who are all living in their village in Sumba. He wants to find a good job so he can support his family. His wife, Martha, who is always worried that her husband is going to have many wives like his father, is joining him. Will Adi and Martha be able to realize his family’s dream?

Meanwhile, MD Raya’s big family keeps on having problems of their own. Beny, one of MD Raya’s son, marries young and is a drunk. Marten, his other son, already has three wives and is looking for his fourth. And all his sons and daughters keep on coming to their father with problems. A big family with a very complex life.