Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right You & I
Fanny Chotimah
Yulia Evina Bhara
Tazia Teresa Darryanto
Production Status
Date of Completion
December 2017
50 mins
Total Budget
USD 102,800
Financing In Place
USD 57,800
Requested Contribution
USD 25,000
Production Company
KawanKawan Media
You & I
Kaminah (70) and Kusdalini (74) have living together in their modest house. They fulfill their needs by selling crackers. Both taking care of each other. Now, Kusdalini has dementia. Her memory mixes between present and past. Kaminah often reminds Kusdalini about what actually happens. Their life depends on each other; their intimacy is the endurance in life thus they are able to see the tragic past into a comedy. Though their daily life is limited, it’s quite dynamic. However, since Kusdalini has stroke and been hospitalized, Kusdalini becomes very depending on Kaminah. They are no longer doing things together.

They have living together for more than 50 years since their first encounter in jail post 65 chaos. Being rejected by her neighborhood in the hometown, Kaminah stays with Kusdalini’s family.