Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Spear that Tears the Sky
Ray Nayoan
Marlia Nurdiyani
Production Status
Development/Research - Start Production - In Production
Date of Completion
15 May 2018
85 mins
Total Budget
USD 22,903
Financing In Place
USD 5,876
Requested Contribution
USD 17,027
Production Company
Dream Harbour Films
The Spear that Tears the Sky
Rato Rumatta Lado Regi Tera was still a single lad when he was elected by the universe to become the bearer of Tarung’s most sacred spear. He carried the title of Rato Rumatta (the highest spiritual leader) alone, with no love to keep his soul rooted in the fight to preserve Marapu identity amidst the rapid changes that sweeps Indonesia.

Indeed, Marapu (the holy ancestors) scripted a divine intervention, Rato is to be married to Miranda Risang Ayu, an academic who devoted her work to safeguard the values of Marapu as a spiritual belief system and local wisdom against extinction. While Rato was roaming the ͞Marapu’s Ocean͟, Miranda was accross the continent attending seminars and academic discussions about communal intellectual property rights, fighting for Tarung Village IP rights. This cosmic long distance relationship in a sense resembles the origin of Marapu. A mytholgy about the relationship between the moon (great mother) and the sun (great father) that gave birth to the ancestors of the Sumbanese.

The rare occassion of Rato Rumatta’s wedding ceremony is a testament to Rato Rumatta’s new journey. It will be paired by children naming ceremony of Pangarana. A naming ceremony might be a common thing, but this one is historical because this is the first time government acknowledge it as a civil administrative process. For the first time, the kids of Tarung can have their father names on their birth certificates. A right that hasn’t been granted because Marapu hasn’t been acknowledged as a religion by the government. Perhaps it will be the first achievement by Rato Rumatta’s new journey. In the ritual Wollu Podu, Rato Rumatta picks up the sacred spear and aim for the sky. This time knowing that as he tear the sky and dive into Merapu’s Ocean, he have a home to come back for.