Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right The Journey
Sony Budi Sasono
Maulana Muhammad Syuhada
Mochamad Achir
Production Status
Post Production
Date of Completion
31 October 2017
120 mins
Total Budget
USD 24,000
Financing In Place
USD 8,000
Requested Contribution
USD 16,000
Production Company
Sembilan Matahari Film
The Journey
Irma (43) is a full time mother of two who had been teaching angklung for over 25 years. As her kids required her attention more, she decided to stop teaching angklung and dedicated her time for her family. Her longing for teaching and conducting an angklung group never disappears, till one day she was invited to help managing an angklung team for a feature film, together with her fellows, including her all time mentor, Budi Supardiman, from whom she learned angklung for the first time and the most.

Irma’s deep humility and lack of confidence makes her always dependent on Budi in every angklung activity she has been involved. The film project didn’t go well and was on the brink of termination due to financial problem. One by one, her fellow trainers pulled out from the project, including Budi, leaving her the only trainer left in the team. Irma was struck by the situation but decided to carry on and trained the team herself. She later found Ridho, whom then become her assistant. The film project was postponed, but the team was invited for a 30-day journey to promote angklung to six European countries. She has seven months to build a world class angklung team that is ready physically and mentally to take on the journey and compete in some international folklore competitions, something she has never done before.

She has to endure many difficult moments including the lack of respect from some of the senior members, questioning her way of conducting, which really hurts her. She did not only survive the journey, but it has transformed her to one of the finest angklung conductors the country has ever seen; and for the first time in her life, she could say, “This is my team, my real team!”