Selected Project keyboard_arrow_right When People Dare to Ask
Steve Pillar Setiabudi
Amerta Kusuma
Production Status
Start Production
Date of Completion
August 2018
70 mins
Total Budget
USD 116,050
Financing In Place
USD 10,000
Requested Contribution
USD 106,050
Production Company
KawanKawan Media
When People Dare to Ask
Wiji Thukul is a poet. His poetry shouts anger. He talks about oppressions by the Suharto regime. He was poor, yet fighting to make a change. He joined PRD (Democratic People’s Party), a leftist party that was accused as a threat to the government. In May 1998, Soeharto was toppled down. However, Wiji Thukul and 13 political activists are missing until today. For almost 20 years after May 1998 reformation that creates a democratic space in Indonesia, his name becomes a legend, people read his poetry, and some of them make a film about him. Reformation 1998 has opened spaces for everyone to express.

Unfortunately, this freedom is misused by Suharto’s cronies to reclaim their power by using a thug with religious Islamic guise. This group spreads rumours about the rise of communism in Indonesia. Wiji Thukul is accused as a communist; every event like film screening, exhibition that discuss about Wiji Thukul most likely are banned by the thug. Some efforts against this situation continue. Through Wiji Thukul and his works, we want to learn how to selflessly live for people’s interests. This film is a recorded journey on how we fight against tyranny through art.